MRX Race Sims

Conceived during the Covid-19 lockdown, MRX Race Sims are now a major production output of Mitchell Race Xtreme Ltd. Many hours of design from sketch and scale drawings to CAD 3D modelling resulted in a superb racing simulation experience, aimed at entry level racers, right through to the high end sim racers. Including some of NZ's top sim and real world racers. Almost every conceivable body shape and size can be accommodated through adjustment allowed for in the laser-cut design that can be flat-packed to an extraordinarily efficient size for shipping. In addition to the race sim chassis, there is provision for triple-monitor and overhead monitor set ups, keyboard & mouse trays, PC shelf, shifter mounts and the essential (of course) drink holder.

Partnered with Racetech NZ, MRX Race Sims have been an outstanding success. Higher-end users demand more options such as Direct Drive wheel base mounting options, pedal mounting kits and button boxes, all accommodated by MRX.

If you are looking for a superbly built race sim, look no further. Made right here in the Waikato, MRX can provide basic turn key packages or high-end custom versions. Get in touch, or shop the MRX Race Sims page.

MRX Race Simulator